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AWC provides Turn Key water treatment programs where customers outsource the entire responsibility of the water treatment program. AWC will provide all treatment chemicals, apply all treatments, maintain the water treatment equipment, run all water analysis, run microbiological analysis on open water systems and remove all empty containers. We also handle all safety/insurance regulations such as proper posting of material safety data sheets and proper containment for chemical treatment storage.


AWC has an extensive line of water treatment chemicals for a multitude of systems and water conditions. These products include corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, dispersants, polymers, amines, biocides, anti-foams and other specialty water treatment chemicals. AWC either manufactures or has these products manufactured for AWC. Almost all products are available from our Roxbury location.

Traditionally, in the water treatment industry, products were priced to include the cost of regular field service. AWC offers two distinct methods of purchasing treatment chemicals. In our commercial pricing structure the tradition of providing service in the cost of the product is maintained. In our industrial pricing structure, there are substantial savings in treatment chemical costs since service costs are not included. Clients using the industrial pricing structure will either purchase service separately or will handle water treatment duties in house.

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