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Associated Water Conditioners (AWC) has been engaged in water treatment for over 60 years. AWC was founded in 1947 and was incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1956. Our offices, laboratory, and manufacturing warehouse facility has been located in Roxbury (Succasunna) NJ since 1979. Our traditional core business is providing complete water treatment programs for facilities that use water for heating or cooling purposes. Specifically we provide water treatment programs for facilities that have steam boilers, hot water boilers, evaporative cooling systems, heating hot water heating systems and chilled water systems. These programs are designed to protect the water systems from corrosion, mineral scale from the make up water, water borne microorganisms, and debris that can cause system clogging

AWC has expanded our core business to include:

  • Specialty testing of potable water
  • Disinfection of potable water systems
  • Compliance testing for permits

AWC handles all aspects from taking samples, chain of command records, laboratory analysis, and issuance of final analysis reports.

AWC also offers Green alternatives to traditional water treatment programs.

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